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Active Ingredient : (S & R)-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino) cyclohexanone

Other Names: Special K, Cat Tranquilizer, Vitamin K

Duration of effects: 1-3 hours




1 Gram


  • Tested for contaminants, heavy metals, and adulterants
  • Premium grade kratom leaf powder
  • 100% all-natural kratom
  • No additives or fillers
  • Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Product

150 Grams

Mescaline Powder


The mescaline experience isn’t going to inject you into other dimensions like ayahuasca or DMT, and it’s unlikely to give you deep insights into the human condition — but it does have the tendency to show you that after all is said and done… life, in its essence, is good.

This interesting psychedelic has a lot of overlap with LSD and psilocybin — but is much more social. Instead of making you feel isolated and introverted, it brings a sense of confidence and extroversion.

Mescaline brings a sense of energy and euphoria, expands your sense of empathy with the world around you, and makes you want to talk with friends or go exploring.


2 Grams

San Pedro Powder


We recommend to start with 20 grams and work yourself up! 100+ grams is a shamanic dosage! 



200 Grams