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Buy the best A+ magic mushrooms in Canada

the ‘A’ stands for the subtropical Albino strain of the psilocybin cubensis and the ‘+’ for an enhanced mutation.

It is a medium-large shroom where the cap and stem are completely white and show a strong blue colour when bruised.


Since this strain really focuses on providing visuals and making you become more reflective and philosophical, instead of boosting creativity, it’s perfect to make you feel at peace with things that may bother you.


If you are looking for amazing visuals and becoming the next Socrates, look no further!



Buy the best Alacabenzi magic mushrooms in Canada

Sometimes, combining two great strains results in one that’s more than the sum of its parts. That’s especially true of the legendary Alacabenzi magic mushroom strain.

This strain gives the best of both worlds in terms of a heavy body high and a mind-melting head trip. Those who are looking to take a load off are going to fall in love with Alacabenzi magic mushrooms.

However, there’s more to these fantastic fungi than meets the eye.

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms

Buy Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms Online Buy Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms, or “APE,” is a genetically isolated, non-pigmented strain of



Buy the best Amazonian magic mushrooms in Canada

Amazonian magic mushrooms are a bonafide classic that should be tried by every beginner and experienced psychonaut alike. That’s because Amazonian magic mushrooms are not only potent but give incredible visuals.

Not only that, but Amazonian magic mushrooms have within their genetics a deep spirituality. That’s likely because of where they come from and their incredible history.

Avery’s Albino mushroom

What is Avery’s Albino Magic Mushroom? It is a mutation that explicitly affects A+ strains called ‘Leucism.’ Avery’s Albino mushroom was first discovered in



Buy the best Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom in Canada

To speak with the gods, ancient South and Central American cultures consumed magic mushrooms. Once the divine mushrooms were eaten, an intense spiritual, visual, and reflective experience would occur.

Now, with Aztec Gods magic mushrooms, you too can meet the gods. That’s because these fantastic magic mushrooms have incredible effects and pack a serious punch.

B+ Magic Mushroom

What is a B+ Magic Mushroom? The B+ Magic Mushroom is a Psilocybe cubensis, a species of psychedelic mushroom. Its



Buy the best Blue Goba magic mushrooms in Canada

Blue Goba is a strain of magic mushrooms made for connoisseurs. This incredible strain has the raw strength of Penis Envy but with distinct clarity.

That means the visuals are sharp, and your thoughts are crystal clear. For those reasons, Blue Goba may be one of the best strains to boost your creativity.



Buy the best Blue Meanie magic mushrooms online

Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are one of the most well-known and legendary strains of all time. Blue Meanie’s raw potency and wonderful effects give them an almost mystical power.

However, that means that Blue Meanie magic mushrooms are not to be taken lightly. As long as you respect them, they will give you an experience like no other magic mushroom.

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With Brazilian magic mushrooms, it’s no wonder that ancient tribes in Brazil believed that magic mushrooms could let you speak with the gods. That’s because Brazilian magic mushrooms have some of the most intense visuals of any magic mushroom strain in existence.
Brazilian magic mushrooms are not to be taken lightly, even for experienced psychonauts. As long as you dose these beauties correctly, then you’ll have an experience of a lifetime.
If you want to know more about Brazilian magic mushrooms, then continue reading below.

buy lizard king magic mushrooms


Buy Lizard King Magic Mushrooms

Become the Lizard King once you rip into a pack of these incredible magic mushrooms. The extraordinary potency of the Lizard King strain is sure to transport you to another world.

Despite their potency, the strain has a clear and mellow nature. On top of that, they’re known for giving its users feelings of pure uplifting euphoria.

That’s why we recommend this strain to veteran psychonauts and adventurous beginners alike.

Lizard King also has an exciting yet confusing history. What we do know is that it comes to us from a mysterious figure in the magic mushroom community.

Continue reading below to read all about the Lizard King strain.

Remember start low and go slow.

Mild experience: 0.5 grams

Medium experience: 0.6-2.5 grams

Intense experience: 2.5 grams +

Buy Wavy Cap Magic Mushrooms


Wavy cap magic mushrooms are unique, but not just because of their wavy cap. Wavy cap mushrooms is actually an entirely different species of magic mushrooms. Most strains and varieties you see online are Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. However, Wavy cap is a species known as Psilocybe cyanescens.That’s not the only difference because Wavy cap magic mushrooms are incredibly potent and kick in fast. If you’d like to learn more about Wavy cap magic mushrooms and why they’re fantastic, then continue reading below.